…knows no bounds. Nate takes a lot of energy and I’m sure that he’ll take more when he actually starts walking!!! 

We have our follow-up with the ear nose and throat doctor tomorrow to discuss the results of the audiology report.  We got our own copy in the mail last week. I am pretty intelligent – I went to college and got a law degree – but when I read through that report, I had absolutely no idea what the heck it meant.  The audiologist had glossed over her results with me and told me that I should pretty much discuss whether tubes were the solution to what she found with the ENT, which is reasonable.  I have not felt as lost as I felt when reading that report since I was sitting in Advanced Placement Chemistry in high school, and I was trying to balance those moles in those stupid equations (I should have just taken physics!!). I’ll update on this tomorrow!


I have also reviewed this movie here. Enjoy!

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