Tubes it is.

The title of the post says it all. We had our follow-up visit with our ear, nose and throat doctor today and we decided to put tubes in.  And, quite frankly, I’m happy that we decided to do that all things considered. I worry about Nate’s language development, perhaps unnecssarily. However the worry is still there. He’s been getting a lot of ear infections and the winter has really only just started. I want to make sure that he is getting what he needs, that he can hear me and that he learns how to start talking.  On the walking front, he’s making a lot of progress – I totally think that when the pediatrician told me that Nate may need early intervention, he was just covering his ass and needlessly freaking me out! Anyways, I was so impressed because the tubes are so small and they fall out on their own. Of course, there are risks to everything but I think that the benefits will outweigh the risks – everyone have told me that it was so worth it.

Winter in New Hampshire is really rough – especially today. It started out as snow, then became rain and is now freezing out.  It was and is so messy out there…


One thought on “Tubes it is.

  1. 😦 Sorry he needs them, but good for you for thinking it through and making an informed decision! I’m sure he’ll be perfectly perfect, as if he isn’t already! 😉

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