parenting and boundaries

Today was just supper busy but was really nice nonetheless. I went out after work with some colleagues, which was nice and relaxing. We went to the Peddlar’s Daughter, an Irish pub in Downtown Nashua that is warm, wood, dark and an Irish pub, although not as cool as McSorley’s in Manhatten.  I think that I just had fun hanging out with the crowd.

I find myself struggling with the more philosophical aspects of parenthood lately, as Nate is seemingly growing up. He’s still too young for a lot of boundaries and timeouts. I don’t think he would understand if a timeout was given.  When your child grows up, how does setting boundaries work?  How am I going to enforce those?  Will I be a good parent or will I be one of those parents that the police and the prosecutors say “What the hell? What a crappy parent.” about?  I am hoping that all will become clear in the future.

Currently reading: Certain Girls by Jennifer Weiner

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One thought on “parenting and boundaries

  1. hey, stumbled upon your blog. I usually don’t like to leave links to my site, unless it’s really relevant and could help people out. Someone just created a group about parenting101 where parents can discuss and ask questions about it, heres the link if you want to check it out.

    From talking to a lot of parents about parenting, it seems as if, nobody really knows if they are doing it right, you get the information you can, get advise from others and do the best you can : )

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