Transitioning at daycare

So, now that Nate is a little over one, he’s being transitioned from the infant room at daycare to the toddler room.  That means lower rates for me, but whatever, that’s not the point of this post. Transitioning him means getting him down to only one nap a day (the toddlers are only at one nap a day) and introducing him to the new teachers and his new classmates. So Nate had thirty minutes in the toddler room this morning and he cried the entire time. I think that it was a combination of tiredness (he’d been up since five this morning without a nap), separation anxiety and just being overwhelmed – new teachers, new room and new classmates.  Is this normal? Has anyone else ever experienced this with their children and daycare?

Lately, Nate has also been waking up at like midnight, even where he goes to sleep at his normal time.  Then, he’ll have a bottle and go back to sleep. This is totally disappointing – I thought that we had dropped night feedings. We’re trying to increase the amount and diversity of solid food that he gets during the day, so that he’s not hungry at night.


One thought on “Transitioning at daycare

  1. Well I can say from experiance children do not like to transition when there young. I work in a room with 18 months to 24 months which we call toddler one. The kids we get from infant 2 are not used to cirriculum in the morning and out door plan then 30 min for lunch… how ever we do do a 2 hr nap in the middle of the day. it helps to try to acculamate them on the schedule they get at daycare for easier transition at home. The problems he is having now will subside in a few weeks to a month depending on how reponsive he is to new things and the care givers he is with. It wont be like this for long…. as a parent its your job to be strong off. The more at ease you are the more he will see its okay. By 2 there ready to move to a new class and then it will becoming exciting for them to move up because they know there getting older and that is what children live for. They always crave that next step! Also get to know the teachers because they can always help in making it easier for your child if you tell them how he is and his routines. To help your child you need to be updated on everything he does there and how his moods are. the more you know the easier it will be to help him grow at the center. However this is my opinion on childcare transitions, I am sure there are others out there you may find more helpful.

    Hope I made a dent in the problem.


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