Monday Musings


Today’s Monday’s Musings is about required reading:

How did you react to assigned reading when you were in school/university/college/etc? How do you think on these books now? What book were you ‘forced’ to read when you where in school that you’ve since reread and loved?

I think that I had mixed reactions to required reading. In high school, I really didn’t mind the required reading and a majority of the books that are on my all time favorite lists are books that I had to read in high school or in my first few years in college. There were some books in the last few years of college and in law school that I hated and dreaded reading, but only because they didn’t interest me, not because they were required reading.  I have re-read a few books that were from required reading lists – To Kill a Mockingbird, Gone With the Wind and Animal Farm for sure.

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