Taste in music

…Nate’s that is has surprised me. Today, we put the music from Rent on the radio and Nate was rocking out to it. He liked the title tune and Out Tonight and La Vie Boheme.  He was jumping up and down and would laugh like crazy whenever we picked him and start dancing with him.  It must have rubbed off when he was just a microscopic egg in one of my ovaries all those years ago in the dorms in Wellesley. 😉

Today was a really, really enjoyable day. It snowed – I think that we got anywhere from 9 inches to a foot – so we stayed homebound for the most part, which meant that I got a fair amount done around the house. I tidied up Nate’s room, my bedroom and the upstairs bathroom and did a lot of laundry. I even worked out for about 1 hour and 15 minutes. I have to say, I have Netflix, which I love anyways, but they have this instant view service that allows you to view certain movies in their collection online or through your TV if you have a TiVo or DVR. Anyways, I instant queued a bunch of work out videos – yoga, pilates, kickboxing – and did thirty minutes of walking followed by a 45 minute yoga class and it was really pretty good.  Highly recommend it.

Currently reading: The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson


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