Somedays, I feel like I can’t win…

…and today was one of those days. I got through lunchtime without feeling this. I actually felt pretty good about things going into lunch. I felt like i had things under control, even though it was bitterly cold outside and I had two trials the next day.  Things were good – I  helped people that morning and they were appreciative. Life was good.

Then, at about 2:45ish, I got a call from daycare – Nate had a fever and I had to go pick him up.  On my way there, I got into a fender bender and ended up at home. Meanwhile, daycare was all like “Where the hell is she?  Nate just puked.” Yes, Nate vomited in daycare and had a fever. Wonderful. So I call the doctor as I was en route and then, got a call back as I was on my way home with Nate.  I’m expecting to be up the rest of the night with him puking, although he had a decent amount of pedialyte when we got home and didn’t vomit afterwards. Whenever Nate is sick, my whole world is turned upside down. I feel awful that he’s sick. And I have to juggle everything to make sure that someone is home with him.

I can deal with just about any kind of sickness except for vomit and poop, which this one sounds like it is.  ::sigh:: I’ll get through it. I have in the past and will again, and again and again.

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