…it’s Friday and Nate is feeling better.  I have come to the conclusion that dealing with children that are throwing up is perhaps one of the worst, “common” illness that a child could have (I’m not talking the really awful, out of the ordinary things, like leukemia or cancer). Nate looked just plain awful in the seconds right after he threw up. I just wanted to throw up for him because he just looked so miserable. Anyways, he has been keeping down all of his food and all of his liquids and hasn’t had a fever in 48 hours, so we sent him to daycare. I figured that I would be able to go get him if he was ill or throwing up again, but he was fine.  He was a little sensitive today but other than that, he did well at daycare.

Yesterday, I also took Nate back to the audiologist to have molds taken of his ears. The audiologist we saw was different than the one that did Nate’s hearing test, but she was really good also. She mashed up these two really, liquidy materials and then they were put into a tremendously large dropper, which she then put into Nate’s ear.  She then filled his ear up with the material and let it harden. She then pulled it out. That was done in both ears. He did really, really well.

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