Growing up

Nate is growing up – majorly. Not only is he huge – 80th percentile in height, 50th in weight – but he’s just doing stuff now that so absolutely demonstrates that he’s not the little baby that he was at this time last year.  He’s pointing, and I swear, he’s understanding what we say to him. He’s standing by himself for about half a second – I will turn to him and see him standing there holding two toys in his hands, not holding onto anything, and, only when he realizes that he’s not holding on, will he slowly seat himself on the floor – he won’t plop down. It’s a totally controlled thing. At daycare, they say that he’s starting to take steps and that his fine motor skills are better than some of the toddlers – apparently, he moves these beads around one at a time and can put rings onto a stick one at a time, over and over again (start of my husband’s OCD? Maybe?).  He’s also very social apparently – he plays paddycake with the other kids his age and with the teachers. 

It makes me feel absolutely proud and nostalgic at the same time.


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