The Double Shift

The “Double Shift” is a theory that I learned about in my  Women’s Studies classes (you may snicker all you want, they were actually some of the best classes that I’ve ever taken). In essence, and this is a VERY watered down version of things, women on the double shift work a paid job and then come home and to unpaid labor in their home – childcare, cooking, cleaning, things like that.  I think that I also heard somewhere recently, although I can’t for the life of me remember where, that working women are still the ones that bear the burden of taking care of children when they’re sick.  I feel both of these keenly in my own life and it is so frustrating to me.

Nate is sick. He’s been battling sickness at various points during the last two weeks. Last week, he had a stomach bug that, thankfully, didn’t hit too hard. Today I had to fly out of work, not my husband even though I have two felony level jury trials, to get my son and bring him to the doctor because he had a temperature of 102 degrees, was lethargic and just wasn’t that into food at daycare.  All really bad things, although he’s rocking on the liquids which is good.  I don’t resent my responsibilities to Nate now and I don’t mind doing my fair share of the parenting but when it comes down to it, I feel like lately, I’ve been the one to do the lion’s share. I had to stay home with Nate for a day and a half with him last week, while he was puking while Izzy got to go on like there was nothing wrong. I have two jury trials that  I need to prepare for, and yet, he couldn’t be bothered to volunteer to go get Nate today and bring him to the doctor.  That was on me.  I am taking time off in February so that I can be the one that takes Nate to his ear surgery (he’s getting tubes), not Izzy.  Then, when Izzy gets home, he puts Nate to bed and I get to start trying to neaten up the house at like 8 at night when I’m exhausted emotionally and physically having been up since 5. Nate goes down and Izzy goes to the couch and watches TV. He doesn’t help me. He doesn’t volunteer to help me. I hate cleaning as much as the next person but I also don’t want to live in filth.

I hope that we can resolve these issues…shortly.

2 thoughts on “The Double Shift

  1. 😦 So sorry honey…I hope they *do* get resolved shortly, it sounds like you’re really fed up and that’s not fair. Can you talk to him? Or can anyone else?

  2. Ohh I hope you’re able to work through it soon. You must be so tired! I struggle getting through the week without kids, so what you’re doing is so amazing! Take care and I hope Nate’s feeling better soon.

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