…i’m so done with germs and illness and fevers and worrying over how many wet diapers my son has. On Thursday, poor Nate had a tremendous fever so I went to daycare to pick him up and then brought him to the doctor. Lo and behold, it was another ear infection so we have him on antibiotics and tylenol and are trying to keep him hydrated.  This morning, he had a fever again, even though he seemed to be getting better yesterday.  I gave him a bottle and some Motrin this morning, changed his diapter and put him back down to sleep. I feel so badly for him – I just want to take all of his sadness and illness away and put it onto me so that he can be the happy baby that he normally is. We’re going to call the doctor again today because I’m worried about the fever. I’m not sure what they’re going to tell us to do besides the Tylenol and hydration because he’s on antibiotics already and he’s really not dehydrating at all.


I’ve also reviewed Mighty Aphrodite here. Enjoy!


One thought on “Sickness…

  1. Poor little guy! As I understand it, I was a terribly ill kid. I had lots of ear infections. The only one I remember with much clarity was the one I had when I was about 6. I remember that I just screamed because it hurt so bad. My favorite pediatrition, Dr. Ruff, tried so hard to make me smile and I would have none of it. I just wanted to scream so I did. My poor parents.

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