Things are speeding up…

…I got phone calls today from the hospital to make sure that our insurance information is up to date for Nate’s surgery. It’s really happening and, quite frankly, is really distracting. I know that the surgery takes 15 minutes tops, and all, but they have to put Nate under anesthesia for it and I always get really nervous about that. The first time that I was ever under any sort of anesthesia was during my c-section with Nate. I was 28. I had never had major surgery before or any anesthesia of any sort, aside from the localized novacaine that they give you during the dentist visits where they are drilling. Being put under anesthesia is always risky for anyone, but I feel like it could be more so with a baby. Perhaps more so. At the same time, I would rather that he not have ear infections and that his hearing be ok.

Lately, Nate’s been acting strangely also. Granted, he’s been pretty sick – he had a really high fever last week.  But lately, he hasn’t finished a whole lot of the solid foods that we’ve given him. I’ve started trying to feed him table food – a little bit of what I’m eating at a time – and that seems to work. But there are times that he literally refuses and will start writhing when we try to feed them, even though I have suspicions that he’s hungry.  I just don’t know what to do. He doesn’t have a fever or anything…the only thing that I can think of is that he’s either not hungry or the antibiotic is upsetting his stomach.


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3 thoughts on “Things are speeding up…

  1. I have to tell you that a friend of mine just had tubes put in her boy’s ears (13 mos) after ear infection hell, and he’s like a different kid just a couple of weeks later. I know it’s scary but it will be totally worth it. Be strong honey.

  2. I have had two close friends who have had it done totheir children, one started speaking like an adult with in days of the surgery…kind of freaked us out and then the other kids was such a differnt kid because he wasn’t in pain. I am sure that I would have had them if they had been popular in 1965. I had my tonsils and adenoids removed at 14 months. I think the tubes are much better and safer. I pray everything goes smoothly!

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