The Sky is falling!

OK, maybe not the sky but a lot of snow and, now, rain!  So much snow and rain that our windows and doors are leaking.  I’m not sure what to do.  We definitely need them looked at but there is no way that this is happening anytime soon.  Big purchases and repairs like this have to be put on hold currently.

Other than that, not too much going on lately. Nate got his MMR, chicken pox vaccines today.  Those are the vaccines that some people have erroneously believed to be linked to autism. It’s so bizarre to know that my son will never have chicken pox. I remember getting chicken pox when I was 9 or 10 – I think that I was in third grade. I got them right around my birthday. It was going through the school so it was no surprise that I got it. My best friend took a look at my back and was like – yup you got it. My mom said that the doctor said that it was the worst case of chicken pox he’d ever seen – they were in my ears and going down my throat.  At least Nate will never have to deal with that or shingles.


4 thoughts on “The Sky is falling!

  1. At least you got chicken pox. I never did. All my classmates in elementary school got them. Not me. I was tested for the antibodies while in college and nope. It was confirmed I never had them. So I got the vaccine too. (My mom even had shingles while I was living at their home!!)


  2. Josh had the vaccine and he still got the chicken pox this past summer. He didn’t have it as bad as he would have without the vaccine, but it was bad enough. My doc confirmed that the vaccine isn’t as effective long term as originally thought.

  3. The CP vax does not necessarily protect 100% against CP. A lot of people/kids still end up getting them, just a milder case. One of my daughters is among those. Also, it does not prevent shingles, and in fact, shingles is a not uncommon result of the vaccine.

  4. They’ve added a booster to the chicken pox series. Personally, I’m glad and grateful that we have the vaccines. If they’re unsafe, as the earlier DPT was, of course I want that corrected, but can you imagine the alternative? Those babies who have died of Hib because their parents did not get them vaccinated? I am very thankful not to be that parent.

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