Growing a thick skin

I’ve always been really sensitive in everything I did – from my friendships and romantic relationships to work to school to parenting to this blog even.  And it’s been terribly detrimental.  I end up spending a lot of energy – energy that could go to other things, like maintaining relationships, working on my “great American novel”, blogging, whatever – on worrying about why people said what they did and did what they did.  I don’t know how I missed developing a true sense of evaluating what people say and taking it with a grain of salt.  I honestly don’t.  But I need to develop it, like yesterday, otherwise I’m not going to get anything done.

Our windows are still leaking. I think that we need a new roof badly and there’s no way that we can get around it. ::sigh::


One thought on “Growing a thick skin

  1. I’m the same – I take everything to heart rather than taking most stuff with a grain of salt! I over analyse everything until I’m practically going nuts. It’s a very hard habit to break I’ve learnt!!

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