…this week is over.  I have a wicked bad cough – post-nasal drip/cold at its worst. I think I will start tanning again just to get warm and get over this cough. Warmth seems to be the only thing that helps me get through this. And rest I guess but that’s simply not possible now. 

This weekend are two big things in our household: our mommy gathering and the Grammy’s. And I’m excited about both. I’m excited about the mommy gathering because I get to hang out with my working mommies group and their little ones.  Socialization outside of the office is always a good thing. While I enjoy being in the office, my brain sometimes associates intense amounts of stress with being there, so the relaxed atmosphere of home or a bar or a restaurant or a ski slope is so much more conducive to relaxation and bonding, in my opinion.

The Grammy’s are, well, the Grammy’s. I LOVE awards season and yes, I’m an awards whore.  And I’m an I-Tunes addict.  Which means that Grammy’s and Melissa are happy!

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