Mystery illness finally explained…

…the last few days I’ve just been feeling horrendously. I don’t think that I slept at all last night. I couldn’t breath or I was bent over double coughing. I was feverish and couldn’t stop coughing.  I was achy. All over. Even my eyeballs. So today, I went to the E.R. and I had a chest x-ray. Thankfully, it’s not pneumonia, but it was pretty darn close. I got put on an inhaler, zithromax, an inhaler and a lot of other fun medications. So much fun. Let me tell you and especially because Nate is due to get his surgery this week and he started getting sick today – also enough to prompt us to call the doctor AGAIN (the first time being for me). The doctor’s office must surely think we’re a derelict family what with everyone being sick. Thankfully, my mom is coming up this week to help.


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