The surgery

…I didn’t think that I would have the reactions that I did today, when we brought Nate to the hospital this morning.  The last time I was there for any sort of invasive procedure, I was giving birth to my son – via emergency c-section, getting into the sleep deprivation and all sorts of ickiness that I choose not to relive at this time. I had to say though, that everyone there was so nice.  The nurses made me feel comfortable and they took care of my little one so well. They even let me into the O.R. all scrubbed up so that I could be there when they gave Nate anesthesia.  They had to put him under general anesthesia for the procedure, not because it was painful but because they do it under a microscope and they can’t have him moving around. And it just broke my heart – one second he was smiling and giggling and the next second, he was completely out and not moving at all. I managed to hold it together until I got into the waiting room and then cried. So hard.  Luckily, Izzy was there because I don’t think I would have calmed down without him there. I’m not quite sure why he sent me in there instead of going in himself. That’s something I’ll have to ask him about.

Our doctor was really awesome though – she came out 5 mintues later (yes, the procedure takes like five minutes, give or take) and talked to us about the procedure and how it went.  It was just a really stressful experience. I’ve had Nate all day and I’m exhausted, still sick and trying to keep my head above water.


3 thoughts on “The surgery

  1. *hugs* I have to say, I don’t think I would like to be in there for that. When Andrew went under general, I let him go with the capable nurses and we went into the waiting room. It was hard, but I think it would have been harder to actually be in the room. I hope you are feeling better soon!!

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