Octuplets and in vitro

I was watching a video clip from Good Morning America. GMA interviewed Nadya Suleman. For those of you who have been in the dark, Ms. Suleman is the woman who recently gave birth to 8 babies, that were concieved using in vitro fertilization.  There has been a ton of controversy surrounding this because 6 embryos were implanted (two split during the 9 months), all took. There is also controversy because Ms. Suleman had at I think 6 other children from a prior IVF procedure. There are questions as to whether Ms. Suleman can care for them herself and how much public money can be used for them.

During this interview, Ms. Suleman said something along the lines of “well, usually couples get this done and I’m getting flack because it was just me.” No honey, you’re not getting flack because you’re a single parent.  There are TONS of single parents out there that have babies and work their asses off to make sure that they’re taking care of their babies and doing a fabulous job. I know a few of them.  And sometimes they have more than one baby for whatever reason – the condom breaks, yadda, yadda yadda. But the fact of the matter is, these women aren’t walking into fertility clinics to have six embryos implanted in them, when they already have 6 other children that they have to support and care for, one of which has special needs. That’s just plain irresponsible and this is what makes the actions in this particular case offensive to a lot of people. If you can’t take care of what you already have, most people say, then you shouldn’t go into a fertility clinic begging for more. It has NOTHING to do with whether you’re a couple or a single.  Seriously.

And seriously folks, it’s not just Ms. Suleman either.  She is getting a lot of flack about this, but quite frankly, the doctor that implanted her with six embryos should be getting just as much flack.  Who implants 6 embryos?! Seriously, the whole reason that only two or three are implanted is because of the risk that all six may take and that a few may actually split.  Implanting all six is, in my mind, therefore completely irresponsible and grossly disregards the standard of care for fertility specialists. Does the doctor that did this have any ethics whatsoever?!

And, to add insult to injury, you can now visit Ms. Suleman’s site and donate money!

3 thoughts on “Octuplets and in vitro

  1. I’m appalled by this, honestly. I don’t know how to articulate it, but it somehow seems disgusting that this woman might use public funds to support these 14 children when there are so many children out there who don’t have parents and are supported by “the system”, just because she was selfish. Single mothers struggle with just 1 child and it’s going to be a burden on everyone around her to care for these kids – and it’s completely the wrong cause to donate to. These kids shouldn’t have miserable lives, but think of all the kids out there that no one wants and that are falling through the cracks or the couples who would love to have a child but are infertile and maybe their income isn’t high enough to adopt (or in the UK, if you’re over a certain WEIGHT now you can’t adopt a kid). People should donate to them instead, not this woman who took on more than she could handle because she was selfish.

  2. I agree that Suleman is selfish. I watched her interview with Ann Curry on NBC’s Dateline, and I was astonished at how Suleman’s focus was almost entirely on how her children make HER feel. She certainly didn’t consider the impact of how 8 babies would affect her other children.

    I do not believe that people should use IVF to have children. I think that’s playing with life, and I believe that’s God’s realm. That said, these 8 children are now here, and I believe their lives are precious, too. God in his wisdom allowed all 8 of these children to grow and be born and remain alive (so far). With that in mind, and with the thought that Suleman already has 6 children (one of whom is autistic and two more with other special needs), Suleman should put the welfare of her children first and put the octuplets up for adoption. It’s the only thing that makes sense. She hasn’t really had the chance to bond with those children yet (at least not in the same sense as she has bonded to her older 6 children), and putting the octuplets up for adoption would certainly be putting the best interests of the children first. They would have good homes, quiet lives (without becoming a TV freak show), the attention of a mother and a father, and the chance to be nurtured as individuals. Plus, any special needs the children might have would not have to be funded on the public dole.

    There’s been a lot of mistakes made by Suleman, and I believe this is the best way to make good come out of all this nonsense. She would have NO problem whatsoever finding 6-8 familes to adopt her children. And keeping those children all for herself, when at some level she must know that she cannot provide an adaquate home for these children, is selfish.

    ~ Emily

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