So does everyone 13-14 month old bite? Is it a toddler thing? Lately, Nate has been biting anything and everything from me to classmates to his father to the cats. OK, he’s not as successful with the cats because they’re smart enough to get out of the way when they see him coming their way with his chompers. I’ve been trying to curb the habit of biting but with limited success. What I’ve been doing is stopping him gently and telling him that biting isn’t ok and then putting him down.  I don’t yell but I try to be firm.  But it isn’t working!!! Any thoughts?

Things have been really super busy here lately but I promise I will have a substantive post this weekend@

3 thoughts on “Biting?

  1. I have been lucky. My 2 year old never bites, but has been bitten at school twice. I’m not suggesting you do this, but when I was a kid and I bit someone, which I did a lot, so I have been told, my mother would put Tabasco Sauce on my tongue. Now all I can say is that I love spicy hot foods.

  2. When my nephew (Now a strapping 18 year old) bit me when he was that age, on the sholder above the collar bone (yes folks it hurt – a lot) I bit him back on the arm, but not as hard. I was the only one he never bit again. I also taught my yorkie that way, she bit me one toomany times when she was a wee pup and a quick nip on the tip of the ear was enough to stop her. I know that you probably don’t want to do it but as a last resort – which it was mine – but it’s effective. This was also YEARS ago.

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