I have had to remind myself to breath the last few days because it has been very, very difficult to actually take those deep breaths. You know the ones that I’m talking about – the ones that somehow calm, rejuvenate and relax you but pump you up at the same time.

This past weekend, our house was hit by the stomach bug that has seemed to be going around. On Saturday, I woke up to Izzy throwing up. Then poor Nate threw up and i had to put him in the tub because he was vomiting so much. The poor kid didn’t cry – he was just so befuddled. He kept looking at us, as if he was wondering “What is going on mommy? I just ATE that. Why is it coming up again?!” After getting off his clothing, I had to give him a bath.  The next day, I had it and didn’t fully recover from it until this morning, when I could drink my coffee without retching.  My stomach felt so unsettled – the kind of unsettled that tells me that it could go at any time, almost like when I was pregnant.  I was so achy, but not feverish, and just couldn’t get comfortable.

Thankfully, I’m ok now and so is Nate.  I’m trying to work on getting my schedule so that I can work out a little in the morning and in the evening – I’m doing a more high impact one in the morning and yoga in the evening. We’ll see if it works.


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