The ear plugs

So, part of Nate getting tubes in his ear was also getting ear plugs. You know the kind – you put them in when you’re going swimming or taking a bath and they prevent water from entering the ear canal (because if the water gets in there and doesn’t drain, you get an infection). I had them when I was little, but they weren’t molds like Nate has. I had the cheap, play-dough like kind that were shoved into your ear (and, hopefully, just the ear and not into your brain, although sometimes that’s what it felt like from my perspective).

With Nate’s molds, they were actually pretty complicated to get. I had to bring Nate in to meet with an audiologist, who poured this thick, viscous fluid into Nate’s ears.  Then, we waited for about a minute or two, until it solidified and she would pull them out, using a string with cotton on it that she had put in first.  This was done on both ears. The molds were then sent off to some other place, where his plugs were made. We then had to bring Nate in to make sure that they fit properly.  They’re blue and have a little tab that you use to pull them out.  And they fit really snugly and guess what? They WORK. We have used them multiple times per week and each time we take them out, they’re dry on the part that goes into the ear canal, even if they’re wet on the outside.  Also surprisingly, Nate doesn’t really pull at them likje I thought that he would. He absolutely hated getting the molds taken and was constantly pulling. Even for the fitting, he was tugging at his ears. But once we got him home and using them, he was.

Anyways, I’m exhausted. I’m going to finish up some laundry and relax.


2 thoughts on “The ear plugs

  1. I’ve been there with 2 kids with ear tubes and ear plugs- it does get easier, and there will be a time when you’ll hardly remember having to do this at all. My kids are now 14 and 10 (almost 11) and this is no longer an issue and hasn’t been for many years, but reading about this brought all those emories rushing back.
    Thanks for including me in your blog roll!

    Whitney Hoffman
    The LD Podcast

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