Snow and sepulchres

We got a ton of snow yesterday.  I was literally drowning in it. Literally, there was so much snow that I had to walk to courts and my car in the street because there was at least a foot of uncleared snow on the walkways at 8 in the morning when I got to work. I also slipped and fell, not once but twice – once ever so gracefully on my rear and the other ever so gracefully on my knees. It was wonderful fun that I recommend to everyone, particularly since I woke up really sore this morning, on my right hand side. And then, perhaps the funniest of all, I drove home last night and the snow plow had gone down our street during the day. There was a lot of fluffy, deep snow piled at the end of the driveway of course. And I was totally thinking that I could make it into the top of the driweway, to the very least so I plow into it and get into the driveway, but can’t get too much further in.  My husband had to use the snow blower to get out of the driveway. It was wonderful.

Today, we also had Nate’s first parent-teacher conference in the toddler room. It was timed pretty well, as far as scheduling goes – I showed up there right from work and picked Nate up and then went to the conference. It was very informative but since Nate has only been there for a few weeks, it was pretty useless, quite frankly. I basically just told the teacher what my concerns were and what to watch out for and she told me all about what nate does during the day. 


I have also read and reviewed the above book here. Enjoy!


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