A somber day

There are some days that are just dogs.  And those days can stretch out and into a few days. These last few days have been somber. It’s hard to lose co-workers to the economy. They become the innocent bystanders of eight years of political policies that have brought the country to their knees and it totally hurts my heart and knocks the wind out of me because truly, it is not necessarily a job performance issue. And I realize now, after losing a co-worker, that I feel like I have lost a family member.  I work so closely with my co-workers that it’s almost impossible to not form a bond.  Sometimes, it seems like I spend more time with them thanI do with my actual family and it makes me sad that this has to happen.  I miss them and I will hope and think and pray and reach out to them and hope that they will accept me and what I have to offer.

So, needless to say, I have had a rough week but I’m plugging along. I realize that even though I stress, I love what I do and can’t imagine doing anything else.

One thought on “A somber day

  1. It is very sad to see…we’ve had redundancies at my work and it leaves you feeling so helpless. From a manager point of view also, it’s so stressful keeping your staff busy so it doesn’t happen to one of them either.

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