First haircut

Nate had his first haircut today. It wasn’t even a haircut as more of a trim because his hair was growing over his ears.  The thing is, he doesn’t have a lot of hair, it was just really long so if we did anything besides trim it, he would look bald.  He did really well though. He sat still, let the hair dresser/barber trim it and didn’t cry or squirm at all. She was really quick too…and then I took him outside to play in beautiful 60 degree and sunny weather! We took a long walk -40 minutes – reminiscent of our summer and fall walks before it got too cold or too dark.  He hung out in his stroller and I walked and listened to the IPod.  The snow was melting and we could hear the water rushing through the drainage system. I have to say, Nate was fascinated by the sound of rushing water. The only negatives are the mud – it’s everywhere this time of year and we’re never going to get away from it and I have a cold. It doesn’t seem to be a really bad cold, but it’s there and it’s making its presence known.


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