…cannot come fast enough in our household.  It was beautiful over the weekend but come Monday, it was just plain awful. Snow everywhere and not even the fun, fluffy easy to drive in and snow blow or shovel away but the heavy, relentless, unforgiving, wet snow that makes everyone miserable.  AND it was my thirtieth  birthday to boot!

I had a wonderful birthday weekend/day all things considered. My co-workers were absolutely wonderful and super supportive and I got beautiful flowers from my mommy and my hubby and son. My Kindle, which I also got from Nate, was put to good use. And the card that I got from the “Stormtroopers” (you know who you are) rocked! It’s currently in my office for all my co-workers to envy.  On some level, I feel like I’m supposed to have had an epiphany. You know, my twenties are behind me now and I’m “thirty.”  I’m an adult now right?  But I don’t feel any differently. I haven’t had an epiphany because I’m thirty.  I don’t feel any different than I did two years ago really (with the exception of that whole baby thing), although I do feel insanely different from me 4 or 5 years ago.

My poor little boy is sick again. He has had congestion, coughing and a fever for the last two days. Granted, the temperature has not been particularly high – low grade – 101.2, around there. We’ve been giving him Tylenol, which has kept it in control and he’s been drinking and eating normally and really hasn’t been lethargic at all.  I’m calling the doctor again tomorrow, because he still had a fever today and I’m the one that has been assigned to stay home with him because Izzy was wonderful and stayed home today.


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