How does she do it?

Quite frankly, I’m not quite sure because I feel like I’m ragged – I’m not always 100% at home because when I’m at home I’m worrying about work. And I worry about Nate when I’m at work.  Then I’m exhausted when I get home because I’m giving, giving, giving all day. 

Today was a perfect example. I got up at 5:00 to get ready for the day. I showered, had my coffee, tried to get a load of laundry in and then got dressed. While all this is going on, Izzy’s trying to get Nate ready for his day also – usually Nate gets up at like 6 ish but today slept late because he was under the weather so Izzy said he would bring Nate to daycare. No fever but massively tugging at his ears. I was really upset to see this because Nate had tubes put in and I thought that would totally solve everything, or at least make my life a little bit easier.

Went to work. Got a lot done. So far, so good.  Then at lunchtime, I get a call from daycare – Nate’s not doing so well – a little lethargic and tugging at the ears so I call the doctor, meet with a client and then run  out to get Nate to bring him to the doctor. Only to sit there for two hours. Nate has bronchiolitis. Like mother like son apparently – I had that a lot when I was Nate’s age according to my mother and then I had my bout with the asthma not too long ago that took me forever to get over with. Hopefully the meds prescribed will make him feel better and rest more easily.


I have finished another book in the 100 book challenge:


You can find my review here.


One thought on “How does she do it?

  1. When do you read? Seriously…WHEN? And where? In bed, after teeth brushing and before lights out? I honestly don’t feel like I’m “allowed” to just sit down with a book once I’m home, unless everyone else is asleep, or in bed, at the very least. And my husband watches tv in bed with the light off as his nightly routine just before sleep, so it’s difficult for me to read at the end of the day, unless I go to another room, and I don’t want to do that – I wanna at least be in the same room with him, both of us conscious and awake, for at least an hour each day, ya know?!! Just curious how other working moms manage this magical trick of finding time+place+permission for reading. Thanks!

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