Not eating?

Lately, Nate hasn’t been that much into eating.  I’m assuming that it’s because he’s just not feeling well and apparently, bronchiolitis leads to decreased appetite. But it’s frustrating and terrifying at the same time.  It leads me to flash back to when I gave birth to him and he lost so much weight that he was down to five pounds 6 ounces before he started gaining it back.  I was a sleep deprived new mom, who had just given birth via c-section days before, and I was just so helpless. I don’t want nate to have to suffer that again and I don’t want people to look at me and think  “Damn lady you a crappy mom.”  Yes, I’m selfish that way. I’ve started trying to do many little meals and snacks instead of a few bigger meals and sneaking in water and ice pops when I can to keep him hydrated. And that seems to be working. We do have a follow up with the pediatrician on Tuesday and I’m hoping to address these issues then.

Today was a beautiful day weather wise and a fantastic day work wise.  It was sunny and relatively warm – 50 degrees is warm here when you’ve been dealing with snow storm after snow storm and just plain frigid weather. We went for a walk, Izzy and Nate went food shopping and I cleaned the whole first floor of the house – I mopped, vacuumed and made sure that things were put away. And I even got a lot of laundry done. The house really needed it and I needed it too. I find that my anxiety levels just shoot up if things are too cluttered. I can deal with a little bit but not a whole lot and it was getting out of control.


I have finished book 10 of this challenge:


And I have blogged my review of it here. Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Not eating?

  1. Hope your son gets better soon. Anytime my son is sick, I have major anxiety and spend half the night looking in on him.

  2. I totally agree…I know females are typically thought be disadvantaged in school..and in many ways they are (math and science are still a killer–I see it every day!). However, schools are not necessarily designed for boys..the rules, the compliance that is expected, it just does not fit with many boys and who they are. Along with expulsion special education is another hot topic when boys are concerned.
    I will read this book—ordering now on!!
    Thanks and I hope all is well

  3. Hi, I followed the link from your comment on my blog over to your blog and I just wanted to say “hi.” It looks like we have some stuff in common. I write for “Mommycast,” and I love to read, and I have a daughter with lung, asthmas, bronchitis issues. It’s like we’re twins only I’m older. Have a great week. Nice to “meet” you.

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