Thank goodness…

…the doctor told us today that things are looking much better for us.  Nate seems to be better – he’s eating so much better than he was over the weekend; however he’s still coughing. Because of the cough and the fact that he has some gunk draining out of his ear, Nate was put on ear drops and an oral antibiotic. Hopefully this will work to clear things up much more quickly than they have been and Nate will be able to sleep through the night. If he’s able to sleep through the night, then I will be able to sleep through the night.

I had such a mommy moment the other night when I was reading.  I’m currently reading Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card. It’s a re-read for me – I read it a long time ago and loved it, but I wanted to read it again so that I could appreciate Ender in Exile, which I intend to read next because, even though it’s the latest Ender book, it is supposed to take place chronologically, right after the events in Ender’s Game take place. Anyways, my mommy moment.  In the first chapters, you learn that Ender was an exception to the two children only rule and is taken away from his parents so that he can be trained to command an army, in order to lead that army in saving the human race from this Alien race.  I just felt so awful that he got taken away from his family – it wrenched my heart completely!

On another note, Happy St. Patty’s Day – may your day be fun and safe!


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