Growing up

It’s amazing to me how babies are like sponges in so many ways. More so than I think adults are.  I am firmly convinced that when we all are born, we start out being really sensitive. To everything from facial expressions to voice tone.  And as we get older and until a certain age, the responses that we give are measured in response to that. For instance, if  I’m upset about something now, Nate knows about it and his mood changes accordingly. But if I’m happy, so is he. And as adults, I think we make adjustments subconsciously based upon the same things.

Nate has been walking around almost exclusively – it’s almost like he thinks that it’s below him to crawl.  Today, I walked into to pick him up from daycare and also caught him in another moment. There’s a new little girl at daycare who is so adorable. She’s so cute.  And she and Nate were having snack today when I went to pick him up. Nate was sitting at one end of the table, with his animal crackers and water in front of him and she was opposite him. She was nibbling on her cookies and taking drinks of water. My son was sitting there, with his chin in the palm of his hand and his mouth open, just staring at her absolutely mesmerized.  He was like totally in love with her.  It was really cute.


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