new milestones, I guess

Nate has been doing really well finally, at least as far as his milestones go.  Lately, he walks around the house more than he crawls, although he will crawl once in awhile. And I swear, when I point something out to himand say the name of the thing that I’m pointing out, he makes an attempt to say it.  The other day, I showed him the crocuses that are beginning to poke their heads out near our house and I said “flower” and his response: pointing and saying “owa”.  I kid you not.

Over the last week or two, and perhaps for the foreseeable future also, I have been having a difficult time balancing my work and my non-work life. I feel like I’m straddling two worlds, where I’m not completely in any world and, as a result, I feel like I’m missing everything everywhere. I have generally been pretty good about leaving work at work, but lately I haven’t been as sucessful. I’ve been having the stress dreams again – the ones that plagued my law school years and my bar review months.  Any ideas? Yoga doesn’t seem to be working (and neither is the wine!).

On a more positive note:


I have read another book in my quest to attain 100 books read this year. I will do it I swear! The latest books is:


The review that I wrote is here. Enjoy!

And yet another gratuitous cute kid pic:



One thought on “new milestones, I guess

  1. Remember that tots have a hard time walking and talking at the same time so while one is developing the other may fall off but eventually both will be mastered. Totally into the gratuitous kid pics! He’s so squishable!

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