Now don’t get me wrong, all parts of being a parent are hard. But, in my humble opinion, the hardest part about being a parent that works full time is taking care of a young child while you, the parent, is sick.  And it’s hard because the minimal amount of energy that you had, that was barely helping you get by when you were at 100% and feeling well, is gone.  It has been sucked out of you. You can barely move, yourself, but you have to keep going – take care of the baby, get everything else done and try to take care of yourself in the meantime.  That’s why whenever my doctor or my friends tell me that I just need to rest, I laugh.  It doesn’t quite work like that. 

This morning, for example, I was up at 4:00 because I couldn’t sleep. My post-nasal cough kept me awake.  I couldn’t get back to sleep.  Whatever sleep I had was not that great because the cough made it less than restful. And I’ve been coughing all day.  It’s been like this all week, but I can’t exactly take time off.  i’m too busy and Nate needs me when I’m at home.  Last night, I didn’t get home until after 7.


3 thoughts on “Sickness

  1. I ahve one word…Zyrtec Best stuff in the world, when I started taking it I didn’t have to take 2 prescriptions for allergies anymore. Give it a try. Also try a Neti Pot. it seems really gross but it works wonders. And cough medicine.

  2. I second the neti pot. My ceramic one works really well and I use spring water warmed with the special salt – takes a lot of the sting out (tried DC tap once, never again). The neit pot has done wonders for my asthma and allergies (along with various other lifestyle changes).

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