My list of bloggyworld finds

So, I have been on the internet for quite some time and have found lots of interesting sites.  I have compiled a list of my favorites for you:

  1. Goodreads – kind of like a social networking site, but it helps you to keep track of the books tha tyou have read and are reading and want to read. It also has a Facebook widget that allows you to put it on your Facebook profile.
  2.  Kirtsy – a place where you can submit and view articles that other people have submitted. I enjoy it because there are usually blog posts and news stories, in different categories, and I can find them all in one place.
  3. Girlfriendolgy – a support network for women that promotes and provides ideas and support for female friendship.
  4. Mojo Mom – Amy’s site about how to care for a family without losing your own mojo. Her new book is coming out on april 7.
  5. – an online site, that you have to pay for, that has a lot of great online yoga classes for your to participate in.
  6. Manic Mommies – now driven by Saturn – rock on ladies.
  7. Ms. JD  – a site for women in the legal profession – teaching, lawyering and lobbying. You name it, it’s there.
  8. Pediacast – a pediatric podcast for parents.  Dr. Mike rocks.

What websites do you frequent regularly, aside from sites like Facebook or Myspace or Twitter?

What are some of your favorite


2 thoughts on “My list of bloggyworld finds

  1. I like GoodReads also. I also like Criticker, a film rating site. And I listen to Pandora Radio quite a bit – you plug in a song, genre, or artist, and the site finds similar music that you might like.

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