Why I like Fresh Air and other assorted musings

When my parents were visiting us the last time, in mid-February, one morning I put on NPR’s  Fresh Air, a talk/news/interview show where Terry Gross interviews lots of different people, from politicians to authors to comedians to directors.  My dad asked me what the draw of it all was. I thought that he was talking about what the draw of podcasts were, because sometimes, he’s a little bit behind when it comes to technology. So, as I’m explaining that I like to be able to listen to these shows anywhere at anytime and how it fits in with my schedule and my obsession with control, he interrupted me and clarified: “No, I meant the SHOW.”  So here it is:

I love Fresh Air because the topics are interesting a vast majority of the time.  I almost always learn something new from the show and/or it introduces me to new things – new music (I actually went out and bought Nick Cave’s latest record Dig! Lazarus! Dig! after hearing him interviewed and hearing songs on her show), new shows (hello, Dollhouse) and books (Tear Down This Myth). Terry Gross, herself, is fascinating – her interview style is unique and she asks these really good, tough, meaty questions, and gets good, serious answers, without causing any friction.  Her interviews just flow. And for those reasons, I really love that show.

We had Nate’s 15 month well child check on Friday. He is 22 pounds and 14 ounces and growing well. He’s hitting all of his developmental milestones – he’s walking almost 100% of the time, talking (baby talk that is). What was also convenient was that I was feeling awful myself. During the check-up I had a few coughing attacks. The doctor looked at me and told me that he was going to check me out at the same time.  And I got checked out. It was like a two-fer! I got myself taken care of too!  And that’s why I was so happy to have a family practitioner. Now I’m feeling so much better.

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