Honey, you’re such a lawyer

So, on Monday, I got bloodwork done – run of the mill stuff. Checking my thyroid and my cholesterol. Well, my cholesterol was a little up. It came as a shock, although I guess that it shouldn’t have since this winter has been especially rough and I haven’t been taking as good care of myself as I maybe should have.  Anyways,  my doctor (who is a family practitioner, so I see him a lot because he’s Nate’s doctor too) called me up to talk to me about the results.  (On a tangent, I love how my DOCTOR called me – not some random other person but my doctor). And, since it wasn’t that much over the top, we talked about ways to control it without going on medication – exercise and diet pretty much. This is how it went:

MD: I know it’s going to be hard because you’re a new mom and you’re a public defender and you work all the time at your job and at being a mommy, but you need to get out and exercise. You need to eat healthy too.

ME: I’m totally cool with that except that I can’t do both at once. When am I supposed to make time to cook and exercise? 

MD: That’s the tough part, I agree.

ME: OK, so I’m going to do this one thing at a time. I’m going t change my eating habits first and we’ll see how that goes.  Once I get that figured out, I’ll get the exercise part going.  Because you know, two lifestyle changes at once are really hard. That ok to you?

MD: I guess. OK.

I told this to my husband, who then looked at me, laughed and said “Honey, you’re such a lawyer. I can’t believe that you were trying to negotiate with the doctor about your health.”  ::Sigh:: You got me there I guess.


I read this book and reviewed it here. Enjoy!


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