Unimaginable loss

…is the loss of a child. As a parent, that has to be the hardest thing ever to deal with. Even though I have moments when I absolutely feel frustrated in that moment (who doesn’t have those moments? Seriously, if you talk to a parent who doesn’t feel like this, they’re lying or they’re just too scary for words!), I think that I would be devastated with the loss of a child. I don’t think that I would be able to go on.  It would take mountains to get me out of bed in the morning and give me the will to keep going, or at the very least a heck of a lot of alcohol. There would be a space in my heart, my life and my stomach that would never, ever be filled.  And I know that sometimes people think “Oh well, you can have another.” Or “They have another one. They’ll get over it.” No. It just doesn’t work like that folks. You. Never. Get. Over. It. Ever.  That child, that human being, that person, with their own mind and their own preferences and style will never, ever be replaced.  Will never ever be forgotten.

And so, the fact that Madeline passed away is devastating.  And I’m so sorry for the loss…because it is just plain cruel to have to bury a child. I’m so sorry.

One thought on “Unimaginable loss

  1. I honestly can’t imagine losing one of my children and just the thought makes me ill. My heart goes out to the Spohrs and all other families that have experienced such tragic, devastating losses. It is heartbreaking … truly heartbreaking.

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