Easter Sunday

My last post was pretty intense and for that I apologize. I know that I should be so much more grateful for what I have because, relatively speaking, I have a really good life and have had a really good life.  Easter was wonderful, as you can see:


His grandparents, my parents, absolutely spoiled him.  I had mentioned a few weeks ago to them that while he’s at daycare, he loves to cruise around in one of these cars.  He goes outside, gets himself in one and sometimes pushes himself and another friend of his around in one of them Flintstones style. So they up and got him one for Easter and he LOVES it. He will just go over and sit in them it and look at us. I have to say, that he’s stolen my heart completely.

This morning, my husband was really cool. He got up and took care of Nate so I got to sleep in to the late, late hour of 7:00 A.M. Then, we got up and I made coffee and hung out with the kid. Once everyone else was up we did the Easter baskets and had brunch, then went Easter egg hunting outside. It was brutally cold out there – winter cold. Nate had to wear his hat and winter coat!


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