Rough times at Ridgemont High

I learned yesterday that my grandfather is not doing well. My uncle brought him into the Emergency Room at a local hospital because his fever was out of control, he was hallucinating, he was so weak that he couldn’t walk and was having a hard time generally. They ended up admitting him and it turns out that he may have some pneumonia. I don’t think that he’s going to pull through this one.  When I spoke to my mother about it earlier today, I got really upset about it. I was so upset that I had to park my car in the parking lot of the Burger King near Nate’s daycare, because i had to settle down. I felt so bad, because I had Nate in my car with me. I don’t like him seeing me not happy because I want him to know that I’m happy with him and not upset with him. 

I’m really not feeling positive about my grandfather’s ability to pull through this. He’s been sick as long as Nate has been alive. On Christmas Eve of 2007, the night before Nate was born, he got really, really sick with the same sort of thing and that’s why he’s been so awful for the last fifteen months. Nate was born the next day. That so weakened him and caused him to be as he is now. And now, it looks like it’s happening again.  I’m just not hopeful.

I have had a rough and busy few days at work. I don’t want to get into it here but all I’m going to say is that my heart hurts for my client and his family.

Let’s just say that the last few days have aged me 20 years and it’s not even been a week yet. It’s only Wednesday.

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