…and ready to get back in the ring. I had a few good days.  We all got back today early enough to go to the Family Fun Fair at Hampsire Hills and it was nice.  I got some free treats and entered a couple of free drawings. We all saw our local weather guy. It’s really, really wierd seeing people from T.V. in person – I always underestimate their height.  This happened to me when I met Bill Clinton too – he was really tall and I always thought he was like average height.  Whatever. Nate had a great time too. There was a skateboard demonstration area set up because one of the vendors was for a local skate park.  There were a bunch of boarders there too doing their thing and Nate could have watched them all day – he was absolutely mesmerized.

We then pretty much hung around for the rest of the day!  I do have a few new reviews up, for your reading pleasure.

The first new review that I have up is the following:


This review can be found here. This was, perhaps, the most surprising read of the year to date. Enjoy!

I also reviewed the following movie:


The review is here. Enjoy!

I am embarassed to say that I have also reviewed this book:


This smut is reviewed here. Enjoy!


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