High hopes

I have very high hopes for this weekend, none of which includes sleep because I plan on being insanely busy and productive.   I want to do some more spring cleaning – i’m hardly ever home and when I am, I’m so tired that I just don’t clean the house as much as I should.  I want to vacuum and at least make sure that stuff is in the right rooms.

I also have big plans for today – Izzy’s birthday.  I got him a few things and I think we may try to head to the city for a little outing with Nate that includes seeing the ducklings in Boston’s Public Gardens. Today is supposed to be beautiful. The problem is that I really have no desire to go to Boston seeing that their baseball team defeated my baseball team in extra innings last night. ::sigh::  And they’re playing again today.  It’s like being in enemy territory. Thankfully, our Constitution protects minority citizens so I should be ok, although I may not come out completely unscathed.

I also have high hopes about finally getting up to speed completely on a really interesting and important case that I’m working on, but I will probably do that tomorrow. I plan on doing that at the office.

Oh and I just finished reading this book:


The review can be found here. Enjoy!


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