Seriously folks…

…it’s been a really bad weekend and a bad year for losing people and games.

I learned this weekend that my grandfather, the one that was in the hospital and was supposed to have been doing better, has been placed on hospice care only.  Over the last 36 hours, he’s been going in and out of consciousness and his breathing is getting much more shallow. My poor mother keeps calling me daily, in tears.  I feel really, really badly and I’m really happy that I’m not there because I think that I would be an absolute wreck.  I’ve been pretty lucky. In the thirty years that I’ve been alive, I’ve only lost one really close family member – my dad’s mother – and we weren’t really, really close with her. I was upset, yes, but I’m much much closer to this particular grandparent, so I’m dreading the eventual loss. It’s going to happen anyday now.

AND the Yankees lost – were swept in fact and one of my work friends really, really hurt herself on her vacation. 😦


One thought on “Seriously folks…

  1. I’m so very sorry about your grandfather. I really get it.

    You poor thing – a Yankee fan living in Red Sox country – it must be hard every time the Sox win – cause you know we really like to gloat. I do feel a little bit bad about that. Ahem.

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