It’s the basics.

The basics often befuddle my husband. He doesn’t get the very basics of social niceties.  Like calling when he’s going to be late. And then, when he doesn’t call AND he shows up late, I get frustrated. I mean, in a world where we have cell phones, really, it’s not that hard to figure out that you can call and let your wife know that you’re going to be late.

Today was Nate’s first day back at daycare and it was almost as if I had forgotten the routine myself.  And if I had forgotten the routine, it shouldn’t have come as a surprise that Nate also forgot the routine and was completely overwhelmed by returning to school. We had both forgotten how overwhelming it can be to walk into the infant room and have a massive amount of people just come at you. All of Nate’s friends and teachers were happy to see him again – all the kids came up to him and touched him, held his hand, patted him on the head and compared belly buttons with him. I guess that’s their way of welcoming people back into the fold. It was actually pretty cute. But Nate was overwhelmed – he didn’t cry but he was clingy and I was lucky in the sense that he was really, really curious again about the other kids. It’s just another stressor in my life.

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