I know that I have totally been MIA and I’m totally sorry.  Work the last week has really pushed me but not in the bad way. Yes, I have been stressed out and yes it’s been a lot of work but I feel like I came out on this end of things having learned something and being a little more confidant about things. And I get to put the new skills into work next week.

On the family front, Izzy and I pretty much spent the weekend fighting. It never seems to end. He doesn’t feel like I do enough, even though he’s on his way out the door to the movies right now and I’m at home alone with Nate.  I don’t feel like he appreciates everything that I HAVE done and takes advantage of me, so we end up resenting each other and fighting about the building resentments. There are times that I know he’s upset but he won’t be respectful in telling me that he’s upset, instead he attacks and that’s not how I operate. If I get attacked, I go into attack mode myself – that’s my default position, especially considering my training.  Now, I have to step back and remind myself to say “Ooook, that’s not really what you meant is it because this is how I’m taking it.” And so far, it’s seemed to work. I can see him thinking about how to say things and trying to be more respectful. Let’s hope that this works.

On a brighter note:


I have completed another book in my goal!  It’s:


The review can be found here. Please enjoy!


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