My rant on the gender of toy aisles…

So I was in Target yesterday picking up some random stuff and I decided to stop in the toy section and pick up another Thomas the Tank toy. They are in the same aisle as Legos. Now, I played with Legos when I was little. I also played with Hot Wheels, My Little Pony and Barbie. I was an equal opportunity kid and my parents were equal opportunity parents. OK, they would probably get me anything that I liked, if I liked it (and it entertained me for those thirty precious quiet minutes!). So as I’m looking at the tanks, trying to remember whether we have the wooden tracks or I need to get the motorized ones, a mom rolls her cart around the corner with her five year old son in the big part. And he had said something.  Her response was “No, that was the girl aisle, this is the boy aisle.” Obviously she was talking about Legos being meant for boys etc. 

I was so annoyed. I mean really.  Since when must we insist on saying that certain toys can only be used by certain genders?  Why must we insist on pigeon holing our children into stereotypes instead of encouraging them to enjoy what they enjoy and pursue what they enjoy? And thinking inside the box? And thinking and teaching our children that it’s ok to have these stereotypes?  I mean, honestly folks?


3 thoughts on “My rant on the gender of toy aisles…

  1. I have a kid of each sex so we’ve got lots of cross-gender play going on in our house. Both my kids enjoy legos.

  2. My oldest son got a kitchen for his first Christmas, sent my father-in-law over the edge that he was getting a “girl” toy. Some people are still so close minded.

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