I throw in the white towel…

…I swear, my doctor is kept in business by my family and I.  I personally have been to the doctor three times in the last week – and that’s just to my Primary Care doctor. I went in yesterday because I had pain in my right ear and throat pain. Luckily no ear infection or strep. But I woke up this morning with swollen red eyes that were sealed shut by the goopiness. And low and behold, I have pink eye in BOTH eyes on top of my cold and allergies. I initially thought it was just allergies but when my allergy medication didn’t do anything and the gloopiness kept coming, I realized that it was definitely more and called the doctor. I then went into the MD and took the rest of the afternoon off. I have to be in court tomorrow but I will probably take tomorrow afternoon and Thursday off. We’ll see.


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