Yet another doctor’s visit

I went to the doctor’s office again todya.  They are so used to seeing me there that when I get there, and they see me, I kind of just wave to the receptionist and they check me in without having to confirm my name.

Anyways, I went there today because I had a lot of sinus pain when I woke up this morning and my asthma was finally beginning to flair up.  It usually flairs up when I get colds, so that wasn’t surprising. I have a sinus infection. I was given an antibiotic for that and was given a steroid for my wheezing and prescription nosedrops to kind of help clear out my sinuses.  I’m hoping that this will lead me to feel better within the next few days.  I took the inhaled steroid and I already feel like my chest is a little looser and I’m breathing better. I’m sure that the antibiotic (which is a horsepill I tell you and I have to take it twice a day), will completely wipe out any bacterial infection that I have.  I wish that I had been given an antibiotic right off the bat, even though doctors today seemingly don’t want to give out antibiotics so willingly anymore. It’s like pulling teeth to get one – and I’m sure the reason is that they don’t want resistant bacteria running around – but I was having sinus pain when I first went in there on Monday and the doctor thought that I had a sinus infection in the making. Knowing that, why wouldn’t you have given me that? It could have avoided a whole lot more. It was so frustrating.  I even started crying in the doctor’s office because I’m just so sick of being sick. 

On another, more positive note, my eyes are looking so much better and I’m sure that the antibiotic will also help that also.  I want to hold off still on contact with Nate until my eyes are completely clear – they are still just a touch pink, but nothing like what they were like on Tuesday when I woke up.

I have another review up of the movie Sling Blade. You can find it here.


One thought on “Yet another doctor’s visit

  1. I have had my share of doctors visits also. I have had trouble falling, an ovarian cyst and my regular quarterly appointment with my endocronologyst. I AM SICK OF GOING TO THE DOCTOR! Thank goodness for health insurance. Get well soon.

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