My Little Sponge

Nate is totally a sponge, probably like most other almost 18 month olds out there.  He literally goes around the house saying “Tat” and pointing to things, then looking at us expectantly, waiting until we give him the name of the item or say something to him before he moves on.  And he’ll try to repeat it. The best experience that I’ve had with this – I am wearing a t-shirt with Billy Joel’s picture on it from one of the concerts that I’ve gone to.  And Nate points to it and says “Tat” and I say Billy Joel. He says “ly oel.” I was like “good boy – remember your Long Island heritage.” And of course my husband snorts.

My life has been absolutely hectic the last few weeks. I was pretty sick the week before last.  It seemed like I couldn’t shake it for the longest time, but the horse pill antibiotic that I am on seems to have cleared it up.  I’m very tired still, which isn’t surprising since I really don’t have time to rest. I take that back – I literally fall into bed, falling asleep as I’m laying down, pretty much as soon as Nate is in bed at 8 and I sleep like the dead until the next morning. So I haven’t updated here in a while and haven’t been doing as much reading or working out this past week. That’ll get better for sure!


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