If you can believe it…

…then do it. I cleaned up and did a ton of packing up of my office today. No, I wasn’t fired and I’m not leaving, if I can help it. Our office is moving locations and getting a bigger space and we’re moving next week – Friday is my day to move into our new abode.  I have a pretty busy week, including a jury trial, so I spent a lot of quality time in my office today doing not only trial prep but packing everything but the bare essentials – my files, my computer, my phone and my IPod speakers.  I was really proud of myself but my allergies went nuts because there was so much dust there.

And I also wanted to share my newest country music obsessions with you guys:

Gloriana – they are so cute and super upbeat. I totally love them already.

And of course:


You can’t go wrong with these folks!!

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