Gray mornings…

…mean that I can do nothing more than relax here in Sag Harbor. In and of itself, this isn’t a bad thing at all because I totally get enough time to do this at home and I definitely don’t get enough time to appreciate my son at home, with working and everything, like I do here.  But there is also a negative to sitting here, just relaxing. 

I tend to dwell on things – unfinished business and cases at work that I worry about blowing up while I’m away is a big one.  I have brought things to do with me while I’m here.  I am planning on reading discovery for at least an hour each night until I go home.

I have also noticed that there are really good things about being home and really bad things. My entire family is here, so that is good sometimes. And so is being 5 minutes away from the beach and the ocean and being able to get really fresh, right off the boat seafood.  I also really love being in and near a huge city.  The culture is fantastic and I love it.  For instance, yesterday, I bid on and won a painting at a silent auction. So much fun!

But in the last 24-36 hours, I’ve had to come into contact with the “natives” and they so rub me the wrong way. Don’t get me wrong – many of us are fantastic and nice people. But the other ones tend to spoil the bunch. Loudness, crassness, rudeness and just a general disregard for those around them.  So not classy.

I did take a walk this morning and probably will take another one tonight with Nate, now that it looks like the sun is coming out.

Also, I have reviewed this book:


You can find the review here. Enjoy!


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