The last few days have felt like early fall – very cool mornings and evenings with warmer, summerlike afternoons, interspersed with days of rain.  I’m wondering if we’re ever going to really have a summer this summer. Most of June was filled with rain and chilliness, including a few days that were like October, Nor’easter weather.

I was perusing the Manic Mommies website and one of their blog entries ask about moms that work for money and the struggles that we face. For me, I feel like I face a number of struggles as a mom that works outside of the house and inside the house too.  I struggle with the straddling of two different worlds – I am, in essence, torn in between two worlds and am never wholly in one world.  I’m never 100% in one place – while I’m at home, I worry about work and getting my stuff done there. While I’m at work, I feel guilty because I’m not with my son, raising him and this kicks in especially where I’m in court or in the office and I see a young child around Nate’s age. I also struggle with trying to balance everything and get everything done. I have demands at work and at home and the split personality thing constantly interferes with me getting things done. My time management skills were probably not the best to begin with – I swear that I have ADD because I get distracted so easily – but now, it’s even worse. There just really isn’t enough time in the days to get anything done. Then I want my own time as well…


2 thoughts on “Fall

  1. The best investments my husband and I have made since I started working after the birth of my son….a cleaning woman. She comes every other week and I know it seems a bit “over the top” but it allows me to not worry about cleaning or the house when I am home and just focus on my son. Totally worth it!

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