It’s time for a toddler bed when…

…you hear your child wake up, go into his room five minutes later and find him straddling the top. That’s right, we found Nate hanging half in and half out of his crib yesterday morning so we’re working on converting his crib to the toddler bed. We got those like three in one deals and I’m so happy that we did so because, while it may have been expenisve initially, it meant and means that we don’t have to buy a new bed for him now.  Until it gets done though, we have to pay very close attention to the noises that we hear from the room.

Yesterday, took Nate to Canobie Lake Park. It was my first time being there even though I’ve lived around the area for the past three years.  Izzy, surprisingly, had been there before because he had taken a trip there during college. Of course, it was Nate’s first time there too. We had a great time – the weather was perfect during the times that we were there – from 2 until about 7 in the evening – and the park was small enough that we weren’t overwhelmed. We had even worked out a system for splitting adult rides. I road the Yankee Canonball – the old wooden roller coaster – and Izzy did the gravity thingy (I don’t remember the name of the ride, but it’s the one where you’re strapped in and you get shot up and you get free fall all the way down). We were able to do a lot of the smaller rides with Nate too, which was nice.  All in all a good day.


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